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Are Chemical Facial Peels Necessary For Younger Looking Skin?

Are Chemical Facial Peels Necessary For Younger Looking Skin?

Are facial peels necessary for younger looking skinA facial peel is a cosmetic treatment that uses chemicals to damage the skin in a controlled manner. It peels layers of skin, revealing a new, undamaged layer of skin. Peels are most often done at the dermatologist’s office or by an esthetician at a spa. Peels that are done outside the home tend to use stronger chemicals and/or peel more layers of skin than at-home versions of peels.

Facial peels are used to reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, wrinkles and scars, among other irregularities in the skin. But are they necessary for younger looking skin? Are there other, less intrusive ways to improve skin texture, minimize fine lines and even out the skin tone?

Peels certainly help to remove the outer layers of skin, lightening areas of hyperpigmentation and dead skin cells, and stimulating the development of new skin cells. But there are risks to be considered before having a chemical facial peel. Each time a peel is done, there is recovery time needed. The skin has just been damaged and needs time to heal. The length of the recovery period will depend on the depth of the peel, which is how many layers of skin that were removed during the procedure.

Some chemicals in peels can bleach the skin and sometimes can cause scarring. The chemicals have burned off the outer layers of skin, so the new skin layer will be red, swollen and quite tender. Most side effects will resolve in a few days but if a deep facial peel has been done, the recovery will take much longer, sometimes months.

So what is an alternative to harsh chemical peels? Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) have been proven to be an effective way to get the benefits of facial peels without the harsh side effects. Used consistently, the results are similar to chemical peels with less redness, drying and irritation.

AHA’s use a combination of glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric and or lactic acids to gently remove the damaged outer layers of skin. They are a safe way to remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Look for products that combine these beta and alpha hydroxy acids rather than just one acid at a high concentration. They work together to provide better results with less irritation. After using an AHA treatment, apply a serum with peptides and vitamins A, C and E along with a nutritive moisturizer to protect and soothe the fresh layer of skin.

Now that you know there are alternatives to pricey and potentially painful chemical peels, try some products that contain AHA’s and see the type of benefits you can enjoy!


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  1. Not a fan of facial peels, but thank you for explaining what these chemicals can do to your skin, it all depend on how much risk you are willing to take with your skin, i prefer to use organic natural product in and out of my skin, choice is yours.

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